NME Option for BS Bioengineering Majors

Admission: Admission to the NME option for Bioengineering majors is by self-selection and normally occurs in winter quarter of the junior year after completion of all Bioengineering prerequisites and formal admission to the BS Bioengineering major. Students applying for the NME option should indicate that interest on their Bioengineering major application and discuss their interests/background in their application personal statement.

Program Requirement for the BioE NME Option (22 credits): NME 220, NME 321, NME 421; minimum of four additional approved nanoscience and molecular engineering electives from list (credit to total 15); senior capstone project (BIOEN 401 + 402 or 401+403) must have NME content.

Contact the BioE Advising Office for the current list of approved electives.

NME Option Courses in Bioengineering

The following are required NME Option Courses in Bioengineering:

NME 220 (4) Lecture: Introduction to Molecular and Nanoscale Principles. Offered Spring.
NME 321 (1) Seminar: Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering Seminar II. Offered Spring.
NME 421 (1) Seminar: Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering Seminar III. Offered Spring.
BIOEN 401 (3) Lecture. Bioengineering Capstone Principles. Capstone proposal written; must have NME content. Offered Spring.
BIOEN 402 or 403 (4-10) Research: Capstone Research/Design (402) or Research (403). Senior year, following approval of proposal written in 401.

NME Plan of Study for Bioengineering Majors

Suggested Course Schedule for the NME Option in Bioengineering (after admission to the NME Option Program*)

Year 3
Spring Quarter
NME 220 (4)
NME 321 (1)
Begin NME Electives (Consult BioE Advisor for a current list of electives)
Year 4
Fall Quarter
Begin NME capstone research either BIOEN 402 or 403
Continue with NME electives AUT-WIN-SPR*
Year 4
Winter Quarter
NME 421 (1)

*Early admitted students in Freshman Year can enroll in NME 220 as early as Year 2.