Analytical Ultracentrifugation (AUC)

Sirion-SEM_128Analytical ultracentrifugation is a versatile and powerful technique for characterizing the solution-state behavior of macromolecules without the requirement for sample modification or the association with solid support media. Coupled with contemporary data analysis methods, AUC rigorously determines sample purity, characterizes assembly and disassembly mechanisms of biomolecular complexes, determines subunit stoichiometries, detects and characterizes macromolecular conformational changes, and measures equilibrium constants and thermodynamic parameters for self- and hetero-associating systems. AUC has become a mainstay in the physical analysis of biological macromolecules, both in academia and within the pharmaceutical industry. The Core facility is equipped with a temperature controlled Beckman XL-I analytical ultracentrifuge, fitted with absorbance, interference, and fluorescence optics. This instrument permits analyses of molecular interactions under physiological conditions, provides the investigator increased sensitivity at low concentrations and makes possible the characterization of macromolecules in biological fluids (e.g., blood plasma)


Procedures & SOPs