Woollam M-2000 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer


Many modern technologies including photonics, electronic devices, advanced materials, miniaturized bio-medical tests etc. are based on application of thin films.  Ellipsometry is used for determination of thicknesses and optical parameters of thin films and multilayers.

To determine a film’s thickness and optical properties, the Ellipsometer measures the spectral dependence of the amplitude and polarization of light reflected off the film at several angles. Different wavelengths of light will constructively or destructively interfere as they are reflected from interfaces within the sample, and each reflection selects for one polarization over the other, or can induce a phase shift between the polarizations. The angular and spectral dependence of the amplitude and polarization of these reflections is therefore extremely sensitive to the thickness, absorption spectrum, and index of refraction of a film or multilayered structure. A sophisticated modelling software uses iterative fitting to back out these optical parameters from the measured data. One can additionally use the technique to determine surface roughness, interfacial mixing, crystallinity, anisotropy, and film uniformity.

The M-2000 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer is the perfect combination of speed and accuracy.  Measurements covering the entire spectral range from deep ultraviolet to near infrared are accomplished in seconds–making the M-2000 ideal for a wide range of applications.


  • Spectral Range:  210-1700 nm
  • Scan Speed:  < 10 s for collection of entire spectral range
  • Spot Size:  Normal > 1.5 mm, Focused <150 µm
  • Sample mapping  150X150 mm
  • Sample Alignment:  Automated
  • Imaging: Integrated CCD camera
  • Heating Option:  Room temp to 300 *C