FEI XL830 Dual Beam FIB/SEM

The XL830 dual beam workstation is a single platform for both hi-resolution electron/ion imaging and site specific milling for a variety of applications. The field-emission electron source allows observation of samples down to 4nm resolution. A focused gallium ion-beam accomplishes nano-machining of samples and devices for editing, failure analysis, and sublayer observation. Equipped with a Through-Lens Detector (TLD) with optional immersion lens, Continuous Dynode Electron Multiplier (CDEM) for secondary electron/ion imaging and segmented scanning-transmission detector (sTEM).

An integrated Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer (EDS) from Oxford allows elemental analysis and mapping. Standard EDS operating modes include element quantification, line scans, and 2D elemental mapping. Advanced features include element deconvolution, quantitative linescans, and customizable standards.

A stationary microprobe is used for extraction of milled TEM lamella samples from wafer substrates. Beam chemistries include enhanced Si/SiOx etch and site specific platinum deposition.

The load lock can accommodate full 8″ wafers, wafer fragments, or pin-mount stubs and allows sample transfer time of <2min. Maximum sample height is limited to 8.5mm. An IR CCD camera is available for low-magnification (5x) observation of samples in the vacuum chamber.


Procedures & SOPs